Welcome to Tiger, founded in 1983 on the land of Old Madras, we developed a knowledge and expertise creating exquisite flavours & food colours of the era and today has the finest grip on the flavour and food colour market of the world, a feat achieved with the hard work of the founder Mr.V.M.Yoosuf.

By applying the secrets to the food & drink world, we used the science and art of layering flavours to create natural essences with unmatched depth of flavor and its colour textures.


At TIGER, quality is the ever most priority, sourcing the finest raw materials from around the world and processing them into unique flavour and aroma formulations, with its own state-of -the art specially designed lab to ensure our customers get only top-quality products without compromising on the texture, taste and aroma that they equally treasure.


The story of India’s most loved cooking mate has conquered the hearts of millions not just in India, but all across the globe. Today, the flagship company of TIGER is an household name with its goodness spread across the world.

The countries we reached and coloured with aroma.